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WATCH: Little Girl Mistakes Man as Santa at Walmart – His Response is Priceless

Walmart is the place for all things weird to take place. It seems to  often be a place of weirdos in provocative clothing or a place of violence over strange things.

However, this time it was a bit different. A little girl spotted a big man sporting a white beard and a red long sleeve t-shirt. She thought she saw Santa doing his Christmas shopping.

Thankfully, the man knew exactly how to react and he played along with the entire scene.

She approaches the man (Roger) and says, “Santa.” He chuckles a little bit and says, “Well, I’ve been told a lot worse!” He continues to act as Santa by asking her if she has been a good girl and if she’s ready for Christmas.

All she can do is nod before she whips out her freshly painted nails.

They have a conversation about Christmas and cookies and reindeer until her mom interrupts and says, “Let Santa get back to his shopping!”

The little girl waves at him and the two say their goodbyes.

This man definitely knows how to brighten someone’s day. We’re glad he caught on to the little girl’s excitement and didn’t just shoot her down.

Maybe he really is Santa!

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