WATCH: Live CCTV Footage Released of ISIS Attack on Paris Cafe

Terrifying video footage of the attack on a restaurant during the Paris Massacre is now available to the public. In it, you see staff duck behind the bar or run downstairs to a basement to take shelter from the bullets.

Most shocking is the moment you can see the incredible luck of a young woman who would have died had the terrorist’s assault rifle not jammed as he held the weapon over her head. It’s amazing to see her get away.

There is also a young waitress who hides beneath the bar and puts her arms around another injured woman while the gunman sprays the cafe with bullets.

The gunman responsible for the attack on the restaurant is believed to be 26-year-old Belgian born Salah Abdeslam.

Abdeslam fled Paris after the attacks and avoided being captured by police near Franco-Belgian border. He remains at large.

Sources say it’s possible that a second unidentified gunman might have involved in the attack you see above. If so, he is still be on the run, too.

Two diners suffered minor bullet wounds, but luckily no one in the cafe died during the attack before the gunman took off in a getaway car. Unfortunately, a man who had just arrived outside the restaurant to collect a pizza was shot in the back and died outside the restaurant.  Four other people died outside the cafe and eight people outside the restaurant were seriously injured.

The restaurant is located in Paris’s trendy 11th district, where people who work in advertising and the media frequent.

Flowers have been left outside the restaurant, with sad messages to those who lost their lives.