WATCH: Live Maggot Pulled from Woman’s Lip

It’s somehow satisfying to watch things being pulled or squeezed out of the human body. We’re not sure why this is but the fact is that really disgusting videos are very popular online.

Whether it’s zit popping or pulling creatures out of eyes, ears and mouth, people tune in. So, here you have another horrifyingly disturbing video because we aim to please.

The video above is no exception to the gross-out rule. In fact, the disgusting nature of this video is the reason it’s gained almost 200,000 views after it was posted on YouTube very recently.The horrifying footage focuses on a woman, who somehow has a live maggot living in her upper lip. We aren’t told how this came to be, but in the footage, she’s apparently in a doctor’s office, and the maggot is being pulled from her grotesquely swollen lip by the doctor.

The doctor attempts to tweeze the larvae from the inside of her mouth. Strangely, the woman doesn’t appear to be in any pain as the maggot is finally pulled from her lip very, very slowly.

Even by the end of the video, it is not clear where the footage was filmed or how the maggot got inside the woman’s lip in the first place. But the footage is real is all we know.

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