WATCH: Lollipop Company Makes Suckers out of YouTube Viewers

Well we feel dumb.

Late last month a YouTube video went viral. It featured a Singapore man known as “Uncle” who had a remarkable talent for making art out of Chupa Chups lollipops using his mouth. The local man is seen sitting on a sidewalk with British tourists who are shocked when the man pulls the sweet treat from his mouth and reveals a detailed face sculpture, resembling one of the tourists.

“It’s got like a nose and eyes and everything. Dude, that’s pretty awesome. That’s pretty rad” the tourist says.

The video got nearly one million hits since it was posted on March 27 and the world was amazed. We certainly were.

Then we found out it was all a hoax.

Another video was recently posted online showing a scripted interview between a woman in the role of a journalist and “Uncle” as they meet in a coffee shop. The woman prods him about the credibility of the first video. He maintains it was all legit and not a marketing ploy of any sort. Toward the end of the interview as the camera cuts away and comes back to each person, more and more Chupa Chups appear, as does the grim realization for viewers that they’ve been made into suckers by a sucker company.

Oh, the irony of life.

Check out the two videos below.