WATCH: Lou Diamond Phillips is Love Guru in Lucy in the Sky with Diamond

What do you do when love has left you broken-hearted, hopeless, and let’s admit it, feeling a little pathetic?

Everyone says time heals the pain, but who has the patience for that? The best way to get over a lost love is to call on Lou Diamond Phillips.

Actually, let us rephrase that a bit — If you’re lucky enough, Lou Diamond Phillips will find you to help through the tough time.

In the new comedy short, Lucy in the Sky with Diamond, directed by Joey Boukadakis, the screen legend transforms into a love legend – a Chuck Norris of the love world — and helps a jilted lover get over his ex.

John Patrick Jordan (Mad Men) plays John, a character struggling with the moving-on phase that follows a break-up when he is confronted by Phillips, known as LDP, who just so happens to be dating John’s ex, Lucy. By revealing to him the hidden secrets and powers of the spirit world that he has embraced, LDP shows John not only the way to get over Lucy, but also how to master the art of attracting women.

Who knew a little maple syrup could be so seductive? Watch the funny movie short above.