WATCH: Man Beats & Bloodies Wife Until 2 Brave Men Do the Right Thing

WARNING: If you have a hard time with the sight of blood, we highly suggest you do not watch this video.

Donald Trump would be stumped by what we see happening in this video that’s gone viral, because the heroes of this story are two men, possibly Hispanic, with accents.

The video begins with a far-away shot of a flatbed truck in which sits a woman, who is crying and screaming, while a man is beating her with a black object. At first, we’re not sure what he’s beating her with until she screams it out and the men videotaping with their phones get closer to the couple. It’s definitely a flashlight.

Soon, it becomes obvious that the man and woman are husband and wife. The wife is not only bleeding in the legs from the assault, she’s  wearing an arm brace. We can only guess why she needed the brace after seeing what her husband is doing to her in public.

When the two men try to stop the beating, the husband tells them to go away and not get involved. The strangest part of all this is that there is another man in the passenger’s seat of the truck. He seems to not even notice the commotion!

The two young men defy the husband’s wishes and do in fact get involved. They not only help the woman off the flatbed and get her to safety, they run after the husband. One of the heroes even manages to get a few punches in.

As brutal as the scene is, we’re happy the wife is safe at the end. Unfortunately, we all know too well, however, that battered woman often go back to their abusive husbands. We can only hope that this defies all statistics.