WATCH: Man Bites Into Burger and Finds Disgusting, Squirming Surprise

When a 28-year-old man recently took a bit of the burger he’d ordered at Ed’s Easy Diner in Gateshead, England, he discovered a little something extra that he certainly didn’t anticipate: a living, squirming caterpillar right smack in the middle of the sandwich.

“I just couldn’t believe it, it was like something from a nightmare” said the man about the incident.

After the occurrence the anonymous man’s girlfriend and father contacted the restaurant, which offered a gift certificate and a donation to a charity of the man’s choice.

“I’ve not thought which yet but possibly a wildlife one” he said.

As for the restaurant, a spokesperson issued a statement that said, “We took immediate steps to resolve the problem and are confident the diner is back to our usual exacting standards. All our lettuce leaves are washed and sanitized individually. We invest considerable time and resource in maintaining the highest possible food hygiene standards and have an excellent track record.”

Check out the video above.