WATCH: Man Can’t Contain His Joy When Wife Reveals She’s Pregnant After Six Years of Trying

CJ and Elechianna McLaughlin, a couple from Virginia, have been trying to conceive a baby for the last six years. As you can imagine, six years is a long time to go while experiencing disappointment month-after-month. Not only is it discouraging, it was probably emotionally taxing on the couple as well.

However all of that changed when it finally happened for them, and Elechianna got to surprise CJ with the news that she’s finally pregnant in the best way possible.

His joy is contagious, as he ecstatically learns he’s going to be a new dad.

This level of happiness is something we needed to see, particularly with so many dark and disturbing headlines making the rounds in news these days. Sometimes it’s necessary to remember the pure joy in the world.

Watch the happy moment in the video above.