WATCH: Man-Eating Nile Crocodiles Discovered in Florida Swamps

How did a species found only in Africa get to the United States? Scientists recently confirmed that there man-eating Nile crocodiles were captured in Florida, and that there might be more out there living in the swamps and everglades.

You know, because Florida doesn’t have weird enough headlines already.

Researchers were able to use DNA analysis on the creatures to confirm their discovery that links the crocs to Africa. According to reports, scientists have concerns about potential crossbreeding with American alligators.

We shudder to imagine the fresh horrors that mating would result in. Mutant croc-a-gators? No thanks!

In addition to being known to prey on humans, Nile crocodiles also feast on cattle.

It’s likely that an unlicensed breeder brought the crocodiles into Florida, and either knowingly or accidentally released them into the wild.

Get the full report in the video above.