WATCH: Man Explains How He Survives in Society After 44 Years in Prison

Otis Johnson was released from prison after a long 44 years. Imagine being in his shoes. If you weren’t around to see the changes that happened in society, how shocking would it be to step into a completely different world?

This video follows Johnson as he lives his life in New York after getting released from prison. He observes the people busily walking through the streets of Times Square and is amazed by how much the world has changed.

He sees people, for the most part, talking to themselves on their phones and walking around with earphones in their ears. He mistakes those for wires and thinks everybody is part of the CIA.

See his struggle as he tries to survive in society every day.

Upon release from prison, Johnson was handed an ID, documents outlining his criminal case history, $40 and two bus tickets. Having lost all family connections while serving his sentence, Johnsons now relies on Fortune Society, a nonprofit that provides housing and services to ex-prisoners in Harlem.