WATCH: Man Looks Behind the Refrigerator, Finds the Deadliest Surprise

Had a woman in South Australia not noticed a reptilian head poking out from underneath her fridge, within a few days she might have ended up with her house full of venomous snakes. That’s because her uninvited house guest, an extremely deadly Eastern Brown Snake, was just days away from laying 14 eggs.

The pregnant mama snake was coiled up underneath the refrigerator in the home, undoubtedly as it provided a protected and warm shelter for her to wait to lay them.

A snake catcher named Rolly Burrell, from Snake Catchers Adelaide, was called to the scene to safely remove the dangerous creature.

He shared footage of the reptile to the company’s Facebook page, and said that the nearly five-foot-long snake laid her eggs just day after she was removed from the residence.

He wrote:

“This is not something you see everyday – An eastern brown snake with her eggs. This snake was removed from under a fridge at Moana a few days ago and thinking she may be gravid [pregnant] we have kept her in a safe, warm place and today she laid around 14 eggs.”

See the footage of the capture in the video above.