WATCH: Man Makes People Smile with Random Drive-By Compliments

Random compliments have a way of really lifting people up. Think about it: If you were going about your day just minding your business and someone gave you a sweet, non-creepy compliment, wouldn’t it make you smile? Even if it’s just for fun, it’s still a nice little boost.

That’s the idea behind Blake Grigsby’s latest video, in which the YouTube personality drives by in a car and doles out compliment after compliment to passersby. Some get pleasant comments on their outfits, others receive nice words about their hair, while others are given an acknowledgment for what a good pair they make with their significant other. The luckiest of the bunch get feel-good compliments like “you remind me of a daffodil” or “I hope you’re a part of my never-ending story, sir. You’re a very handsome man.”

And just as we’d expect, most people are pleased with what they hear and show it with either a thumbs up, a “thank you” or even a simple smile. There were a few who were just surprised and confused, but that’s to be expected too.

Check out the drive by compliments video above. Who knows, it may just inspire you to throw around some random niceties too. Enjoy!