WATCH: Man Sings Opera While Undergoing Brain Surgery and It Is Beautiful

One talented opera gave the performance of his life in order to save his life—and his career. Ambroz Bajec-Lapajne, from Slovenia, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and was told he would have to undergo brain surgery to remove the tumor.

He decided to remain awake during the surgery to avoid negative side effects, and so that doctors could monitor his cognitive functions throughout the course of the operation.

Due to the fact that one mishap could ruin his career, Ambroz and his doctors decided he should sing throughout. That way the team could monitor his mental abilities and comprehension in real-time.

Moving footage from the operating room shows him performing “Gute Nacht” by Franz Schubert as his doctors  begin the craniotomy. Ambroz reportedly did not have any sedative or anesthetic.

There is a moment about two minutes and 45 seconds into things, where Ambroz seems to lose focus. His strong tenor voice trails off and his eyes seem to glaze over a little.

Thankfully, with some encouragement from the medical staff he is able to come back around and start his song again.

The operatic operation was apparently performed a year ago, and according to The Daily Mail, Ambroz reports that he is doing fine and continues to sing professionally.