WATCH: Man Tricked into Believing His Friend Was Ax Murdered — Did This Prank Go Too Far?

Did this creepy—some in fact are calling it horrifying—prank go too far? An unsuspecting man is tricked into believing that his friend has been brutally ax murdered in his living room.

Hidden cameras in the man’s bedroom show him wake up to a blood-curdling scream and the lights in his room flashing. He stumbles out of his bedroom to find his friend, Marius, completely soaked in what looks like blood. A bloodied ax rests at his side, and scene is completed by the fake blood spatter on the floor and walls.

The man, Tom, completely freaks out—panicking and calling out to his friend as he drops down to check his pulse. Marius then leaps up, proving that he’s okay and it’s all a prank—not a real murder scene.

Tom’s fear, however is clearly very real.

Apparently the video was done as revenge. Tom himself is a Norwegian prankster, who had previously tricked his friend with a fake chainsaw prank a few weeks before.

Did this “ax murder crime scene” prank go too far, or do you believe “don’t dish it out, if you can’t take it” is applicable in this case?