WATCH: Man Tries to Take a Selfie with a Gorilla at the Zoo, Proves Exactly Why That’s a Bad Idea

Footage from the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska shows what happens when a man tries to take a selfie in front of the Gorilla enclosure.

Let’s just say that the scary video makes us glad that the large, silverback gorilla was behind some heavy-duty glass for this encounter.

This same silverback, named Kijito, apparently was able to break a window at the zoo last year too.

Amazingly, the guy taking the selfie manages to stay straight-faced and unfazed during the encounter. We’d be freaking the out if that happened to us.

The zoo says that their cutting-edge exhibit helps make Omaha a major contributor to gorilla conservation efforts, and that they are hoping to expand to house 20 animals in the future.

The Omaha reproductive research team at the zoo actually played an integral part in creating the world’s first “test tube” gorilla born in 1995.