WATCH: Man Who Got Surgery to Look Like Kim Kardashian Seeks Help for Leaking Lip Injections

British makeup artist Jordan James Parke is best known for having spent $150,000 on plastic surgery procedures to look like Kim Kardashian. The 23-year-old shared that he’s been obsessed with the reality TV star since the first time he saw her, inspiring him to go to great lengths to mimic her famous look.

Parkes finally arrived in Hollywood, California to appear on a new episode of Botched, in the hopes that the doctors on the show will help fix his leaking lips.

You read that right—leaking!

In clips released from the upcoming episode, Parkes discusses how his addiction to lip filler got started, and how some of his procedures have gone shockingly wrong.

Parke reveals the extreme impact his lip fillers have had on his life—admitting that he became addicted to them and kept asking for bigger and bigger injections every time he visited the doctor. Eventually, he noticed his lips were so full that they were leaking fluid.

“I can’t really move my face,” he exclaims in a clip from the interview.

Rather than worry about the health consequences, Parkes just hopes that the doctors on Botched can fix his lips without losing their voluptuous size.

“I’m worried if they keep leaking I’m going to end up with small lips again,” he said.

Although he sports a dramatically altered face, Parkes says in the clip that he loves the attention he gets just by walking into a room.

In all, he’s reportedly had 50 lip fillers, permanent eyebrow tattoos, and Botox injections. He plans to get work done to his nose next.

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