WATCH: Female Comic Molests a Man to Prove a Point

It’s been said that comedy is a universal language (along with music), and that’s definitely the case with this video clip. It comes from a German show called Knallerfrauen, which Google translates to Pops Women. The woman in the sketch is Martina Hill, a comedienne who does some pretty hilarious bits in this show — at least from what we can see on YouTube – and she’s so popular that “Martina Hill gif” is an actual Google search term.

Hill tends to take concepts that directly impact women and turns them on their head to make a point about society at large. In one instance, she walks down the street, and after a man whistles at her she responds like a begging dog. She takes on work, love life, family and more, and in the 30-second video above she tackles sexual harassment and objectification in the funniest way possible. Check it out to see what happens; it had us laughing all afternoon.

Here’s some info on the show, as translated by Google, so it doesn’t flow well and may not be 100% accurate.

Pops Women [Knallerfrauen] is a sketch comedy series that aired on Sat.1. Martina Hill is shown here in a variety of roles as a killer woman, in various everyday situations and parodies [of] well-known women-clichés. Time as a sexy femme fatale, or fatal embarrassing friend, she leads this uninhibited and unadjusted ad absurdum. Chaotic, self-deprecating, uncontrollable, unrestrained and especially unbeatable funny … that all have in common Pops Women. The actress comes out with a few words and uses instead a hilarious imagery to create funny situation comedy. The Mirror titled her “The Funniest Woman” on German television.