WATCH: Massive Lunchtime Brawl Breaks Out at Los Angeles High School

A huge fight broke out this week at Sylmar High School, in San Fernando Valley, California and got so out of hand that a team of 12 officers were required to break things up. Apparently the massive brawl, which is believed to have involved at least 40 people, occurred after a conflict flared up at prom over the weekend.

Officials say that the prom dispute may have been due to gang-related tensions, and may also have been racially motivated.

Video from the fight show punches and kicks being thrown as officers try to jump in and break it up.

According to a statement issued from the school principal, disciplinary actions have been taken, and parents have been notified.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing. So far there are no known arrests.

According to reports, the fight lasted for around 20 minutes.

Get the full report in the video above.

See raw footage below, but be warned that it contains graphic violence.