WATCH: Massive Sinkhole Swallows Entire Bus, Then Spits It Right Back Out

In a heart-stopping moment capture on video, a bus in Brazil is swallowed by a humongous sinkhole, then swept away into the choppy water of a rushing river seconds later. The event, which happened in March, happened just moments after the tour group on board were evacuated from the bus, according to The Huffington Post.

The sinkhole appeared in the middle of a roadway, believed to be the result of heavy rains and flooding that have been hitting northern Brazil during the Spring rainy season.

Dramatic footage taken at the scene shows the bus’ passengers being ushered off to safety after a rear wheel became lodged in a hole in the dirt bridge roadway. The ground around the bus erodes away, leaving the bus splashing into the water below.

The bus briefly disappears from sight beneath the roadway, but within seconds it reappears as it is swept away down the rapid river below.

Amazingly the scary incident did not claim any lives.

International Business Times reported that the sinkhole occurred along the Trans-Amazonian Highway in northern Brazil, between Itaituba and Ruropolis.

The video, filmed by passengers, has since been circulated on social media.

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