WATCH: Maybe the Greatest Basketball Trick Shot Ever!

I played in a youth basketball league for almost a decade as a child. If I made just a single basket in a season, it was about on par with a miracle in my eyes. Because, you see, I sucked at basketball.

My chronic lack of skillz makes the crazy video above – which is perhaps the greatest basketball trick shot ever — all the more stunning. You need to see it to believe it.

YouTube user KDP Trick Shots posted the video last year, but it started getting some additional hits on the site and we realized we should repost it again for you to enjoy. It shows him making a basket from about 70 feet away. With his feet. On a trampoline. While doing a back flip. For anyone keeping score, I can’t make a basket with my hands from five feet away on solid ground.

If you’re skeptical that this can actually be accomplished, the video gives you plenty of different angles to observe it in action. Check out the video and be amazed by this guy.