WATCH: McLaren Spider Snowboards Down Colorado Mountain

Winter might be officially over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t savor the last bit of snow and chill. It’s true that sunny weather is beautiful weather, but if you’re like us, you’ll agree there’s something spectacular about the cooler seasons as well.

With that thought, we were delighted to see a new video that features Winter X medal winning snowboarder Chanelle Sladics riding some amazing powder. But the bit isn’t really about snowboarding – it’s a promo piece for the 616-horsepower rear-wheel-drive McLaren MP4-12C Spider, as it races Sladics down a snow-covered Colorado mountain. Oh, and the driver behind the wheel: Pikes Peak Hill Climb champion, Rhys Millen.

Two amazing athletes, with an an amazing car. We think it’s pretty epic.

Of course some portion of the video is edited for dramatic effect, but we don’t care – it’s still a fascinating view.

So why the big names and the big concept for the promo piece? Because it’s a McLaren and McLarens are cool. After watching this video, we’re sure of at least that much.

Check it out above.