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WATCH: Meet the Man Who Got Breast Implants to Win a Bet, Kept Them for 20 Years

WARNING: Images in the video are slightly NSFW.

Brain Zembic got breast implants in 1997, after he made a bet with a friend. As a part of the bet, he was promised $100,000 if he could live with them for a year without getting them removed. Now, it’s been nearly 20 years, and 55-year-old Zembic is only now looking to finally get them removed.

Apparently Zembic has been a professional gambler and magician for years, and will do all sorts of stunts on a bet. He lived in a friend’s bathroom for a whole month in return for $7,000, and other extreme antics.

But this seems to have been the longest-running bet for him so far.

He said he didn’t mind keeping them, and even got used to them, which is why he didn’t have them taken out after the initial year.

“They really did look nice, and now I can see why women do certain poses, like push boobs together, turn and twist to make the boobs look nice,” he said. “I got lazy, I was busy gambling, and honestly, they grew on me.”

He noted that the breasts never hurt his ability to get girls.

Check out the video to see where he’s at today.

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