WATCH: Men Take a Boat Out Fishing, What They Catch Will Upset You

Two friends Jason Frost and Brandon Key went fishing in Alabama on a Saturday morning. They headed towards Warrior River, got on a boat and started to fish.

As they were fishing, they heard splashing noises and saw something swimming towards them. They didn’t know what the creature was, not until they heard the meows.

We all want to believe that the kittens somehow accidently fell into the river at their own will, but Frost and Key don’t think that is the case. There were no homes near the area where they were fishing. Their assumptions are that somebody dumped them in the river and left them for dead.

Thankfully, when the men got back to shore, there was a family who wanted to take care of the kittens. Frost and Key handed them over to each of the little girls in the family.

After Frost posted up his video of him rescuing the kittens, he has gotten numerous messages of gratitude. He also got many messages of disbelief and shock when people saw that kittens could swim so well.

Watch the video above to see the kittens being rescued by Frost and how they swim towards him across the large river.