WATCH: Miley Cyrus Make Out with Supermodel Girlfriend

Miley Cyrus was just spotted making out with her super hot supermodel girlfriend Stella Maxwell. TMZ captured the footage from just last night that shows Miley wearing a extra short gold sequin mini dress with thigh high black boots.

So this is how it all happened: The two are leaning against an RV outside in a parking lot in Beverly Hills, the location for a shoot that Miley is on.
Miley is seen at first talking to Stella casually, however the two are very close and have their arms wrapped around each other.

miley talking 1

Then Miss. Cyrus leans in for a steamy make out session. As you can see Stella’s hands are placed low right on Miley’s booty, while Miley has her hands locked around her neck.

miley 2

They then go so heated that the photos needed to be blurred because Miley put her hands down the front of her girlfriend’s pants. Both girls are seen grinding against each other as well.

miley 3

Miley then proceeds to kiss Stella’s neck while her hand is still down her pants.

neck miley 4

They then make out some more.

miley 5
Then finally the two break it up after three men, who look to be their friends walk around the corner.

miley alst

Miley came out not too long ago announcing that she is bisexual, and it looks like it didn’t take her very long to snag herself a super hot girlfriend.