WATCH: Miracle Baby with Missing Skull Wasn’t Expected to Speak but Says “Hello”

The video above showcases the miraculous and adorable Jaxon Buell, a one-year-old boy born with half a skull, as he says ‘hello’ to his parents and fans.

Jaxon Buell, who has been nicknamed “Jaxon Strong,” was given just days to live at birth due to a rare neural-tube condition. But now, he’s one!

This brave little boy has amassed thousands of supporters, including Ashton Kutcher and others around the world, since news of his first birthday hit the Internet in August.

In this new video, Jaxon says “Hello,” which is a miracle because he was never expected to speak!

Jaxon was born with a condition called Microhydranencephaly, which is a developmental abnormality that affects the brain.

One in 4,859 babies in the U.S. are born with the condition each year, but most die soon after birth.

Jaxon is truly a miracle. If you want to learn more about him and the abuse his parents received for not aborting him, click on the article link below.

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