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WATCH: Missing 1981 Ferrari Found Nearly 30 Years Later in Perfect Condition

When something gets lost or goes missing, or even stolen, it’s normal to hold out hope that it’ll make it’s way back to you. But would you wait for almost three decades with that hope?

In July, 1987, a 308 GTSi model Ferrari was reported stolen from a consignment lot in Orange County, California. Now after nearly 30 years the luxury sports vehicle has finally be discovered—and in pristine condition!

The car was found in the Port of Los Angeles inside a shipping container. It was flagged after someone tried to ship the vehicle to Poland, and U.S. Customs agents noticed that the VIN didn’t match the car.

Apparently the VIN actually matched that of a 1982 red Ferrari that had been shipped to Norway back in 2005. The discrepancy raised red flags, and sparked an investigation.

Although neither the original owner, nor the person who tried to ship the vehicle have been publicly identified, it has been reported that the owner was compensated by their insurance company years ago for the theft.

For now, it remains in the custody of customs officials.

Apparently the car has about 45,000 miles on it and is estimated to be worth around $50,000. The original owner and insurance company will ultimately decide what to do with the vehicle.

Get the full report, and see the car in all its original glory, in the video above.


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