WATCH: Missing Cat Found With Wine Hangover

WÜRSELEN, Germany (Buzz60) — A cat missing for nearly two months was found hungover in a wine cellar.

This independent cat was known for leaving home for hours at a time, but one day he didn’t return. Missing flyers posted around his neighborhood in Germany didn’t get any results.

Owner Claudia Von Buren had given up hope until finally the cat emerged seven weeks later. He was trapped in a wine cellar and had been lapping up three bottles of Riesling that had been broken on the floor.

The ASPCA warns that any alcohol can be extremely dangerous for cats. Von Buren said that the cat was “more dead than alive” when she picked him up, and he was later diagnosed with alcohol poisoning by a local vet.

After three days on a drip he returned home and is doing fine, but the owner says that the kitty refuses to drink water because he fears it may be more white wine. The next time you’re snuggling up with your kitty, resist the temptation to share a glass of wine after a long day and make sure your drinking buddies are of the human variety.