WATCH: Mom Fakes Child Abuse in Twisted Money Scam, Almost Gets Away with It

A mom in New Hampshire has landed herself in hot water, after her duplicitous plot to scam money from was uncovered. The woman identified as 20-year-old Taylor Tibbetts initially filed a police report in November stating that her three-year-old son had been abused by his father.

Then she quickly took to the Internet to set up a GoFundMe campaign asking friends, family and the general public to donate money so she could hire an attorney and win custody of her child.

On the crowdfunding page she posted a photo of her son, sporting terrible signs of bruising.

Once police got wind of the campaign however, they looked into it and quickly realized that the injuries had been photoshopped onto the child.

Now, instead of making off with the cash, Tibbetts has turned herself over to police. She has been charged with making a false report.

“I got arrested for protecting my son,” was Tibbetts’ statement after her arrest.

As for the child’s father, identified as Bryan Clark, he says he has proof that her allegations were all fake, and that he is disgusted by the whole incident.

Get more details in the video above.

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