WATCH: Fierce Giraffe Mom Takes On Pride of Lions to Protect Her Young

You don’t mess with a momma giraffe. That’s the lesson a pride of lions appears to have learned in the video above.

Bill and Barbara Westbrook witnessed an epic standoff between lions and a mother giraffe at the Olare Motorogi Conservancy in Kenya as the predatory animals set their sight on giraffe’s young for lunch.

Even though she was outnumbered, the fierce mom giraffe ensured her calf stayed safe.

Barbara Westbrook described the experience.“It was heart in the mouth stuff” she says. “This was remarkable, going on for almost half an hour as the mother protected her calf ferociously from the young Moniko pride.”

After staring one another down for a while, the mother giraffe eventually went on the offensive against the lions, kicking out her long legs and scaring them off.

Check out the video above for the whole interaction.