WATCH: Mono Mono Twins Born Holding Hands

It was a very special Mother’s Day for Sarah Thistlethwaite of Orrville, Ohio. She had been put on bed rest for nearly two months when an ultrasound revealed that she was pregnant with “mono mono” twins — a very rare condition that only happens in one out of 10,0000 pregnancies.

With mono mono twins, the two babies share one amniotic sac and placenta. This is considered a high-risk pregnancy because the babies’ umbilical cords may become entangled, compressed, or wrapped around the necks while they are in the womb. This meant Thistlethwaite couldn’t do much of anything, and her bed rest lasted 57 days.

The babies were delivered via c-section Mother’s Day weekend, and not only were the identical twins Jenna and Jillian born healthy, but they came out holding hands. The photo in the video above shows the miraculous moment. Needless to say, mom and dad were thrilled with the end result.

“It was so great to hear them both cry,” Thistlethwaite three told NewsChannel5.

While the mono mono twins are doing well, they were born premature so they are staying at Akron Children’s Hospital for observation and care; this could last anywhere from two to four weeks, according to a post on the hospital’s blog.