Watch More Cat Videos: It’s Good for You (Seriously!)

First, let’s all admit that we love watching cat videos. Cats are so cute, cuddly and mischievous. And that makes us happy–really, really happy. But could messing around on the Internet whenever we need a brain-break be therapeutic?

Well, according to an Indiana University Media School researcher, that fuzzy feeling we get from watching cat videos gives us an energy boost.  It also triggers positive feelings while decreasing negative ones. And that’s very good for your health–literally

This study was conducted by assistant professor Jessica Gall Myrick, who distributed surveys about cat videos and gathered information about the effects of the videos on moods. She conducted her research via social media and had nearly 7,000 participants. The results were later published in Computers in Human Behavior.

What motivated Myrick to conduct the study? She says:

“We all have watched a cat video online, but there is really little empirical work done on why so many of us do this, or what effects it might have on us. As a media researcher and online cat video viewer, I felt compelled to gather some data about this pop culture phenomenon.”

The future of Myrick’s work could be that cat videos will be used as affordable pet therapy alternatives. Now, that’s much cheaper than a shrink (and cuter)!

Interestingly, Myrick owns a pug but no cats.


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