WATCH: Mother Found Pushing Dead Toddler on Park Swings

A mother was discovered pushing her dead son in a swing late last week. The unnamed woman is believed to have spent hours with the toddler’s body at a local park in Maryland—she had possibly been there with the dead child for the entire night, according to neighbors. Police were called after concerned neighbors noticed the mother at Wills Memorial Park in La Plata for “an unusually long time.”

When police arrived, they quickly realized the three-year-old child was dead in the swing. According to first responders, it was clear that the child had already been dead for several hours.

An autopsy did not reveal a cause of death, and authorities say they are still trying to piece together the tragic events that lead to the toddler’s death. There were no signs of trauma on the body.

The child’s father, James Lee was left heartbroken by the news.

Lee said he had recently been in court to ask a judge for custody of the child, because he believed the boy’s mother was not fit to care for him. He told news outlets that he is angry and frustrated, because had he been granted custody his son would probably still be alive.

“I’m not saying she is an unfit parent, but at this particularly time, she wasn’t fit to take care of our son,” Lee told My Fox Chicago.

The boy’s mother was taken to a hospital, where she remains in custody for medical and mental evaluation.