WATCH: Mother Heartbroken After Police Destroy Daughter’s Suicide Note

Natalie Porter was 29 years old when she took her own life in February, 2015. She left behind a suicide letter for her parents, which Terry Porter and her husband felt was their last connection to their dead daughter.

Natalie administered a lethal dose of insulin, and left behind the handwritten note to her parents along with a letter to her best friend.

Apparently, Natalie had been struggling with depression for a while, but her mother says she’d been seeing a therapist. However, in her notes Natalie describes how much she loves her family but how they could not have stopped her death.

Unfortunately, as if losing their daughter wasn’t enough heartbreak, a clerical error lead to police destroying Natalie’s letters.

The letter was originally taken by Chicago police as a part of their death investigation into Natalie’s suicide. They assured the Porters that the letter would be released back to them at the end of the investigation.

Unfortunately, when Nicole’s parents went to pick up the letter several months after her death, they learned the heartbreaking truth.

The letters had been destroyed after some kind of administrative error. Fortunately, her family has copies that were made of the letters, but it’s not quite the same as having the original.

“It was like everything was ripped right open again,” Terry said, describing the moment she learned what had happened. She said the letters would have been a part of her daughter she could have held onto, and that would have brought her immense comfort.

“It was the last “I love you” she ever said to us,” she said. “It’s the last physical thing she ever left for us.”

Now, the Porters hope that coming forward with their story will encourage the Chicago Police Department to re-review their evidence policies to prevent this tragic mistake from happening again.