WATCH: Mother of Murdered 9-Year-Old Allegedly Uses Funeral Donations to Buy a New Car

A community came together in the aftermath of a horrific murder, only to have the generosity seemingly thrown back in their faces. A GoFundMe campaign was set up to help a Chicago mom pay for funeral expenses after her nine-year-old son was shot to death.

It is believed that the shooting might be linked to the child’s father’s gang activity.

The child, a boy named Tyshawn Lee, was reportedly lured into an alley where he was killed.

In the wake of her son’s death, Karla Lee set up the fundraising campaign titled “Help me lay my baby to rest” which quickly raised over $17,000 from well-wishers.

Now Lee has been hit with backlash after allegations surfaced that accused her of using that money to make a down payment on a new 2015 Chrysler 200 vehicle. At first Lee defended the huge expenditure, claiming the car would keep her safe from another gang attack.

She posted that she was afraid for her life.

Tyshawns father, Pierre Stokes, also set up his own GoFundMe account seeking funding for more funeral expenses. He reportedly also started selling memorial t-shirts.

The actions of both parents have provokes public outrage.

Authorities continue to investigate the murder, and are following several leads.