WATCH: Mother Publicly Humiliates Son by Walking Him Around Town in Chains and Padlocks

A mother resorted to an unusual form of punishment to teach her unruly teenaged son a lesson. Many are calling her method extreme and cruel. Footage has gone viral that shows a boy with his hands, legs and neck bound together with chains. His limbs are padlocked together so that he is forced into a bent-over position.

The video was taken in a city in China, and the boy is apparently 17-years-old. Bystanders questioned the boy’s mother, who was walking with him, and she defended herself by saying that her son was “lazy” and that this was the only way to get her message across.

She called trying to talk sense into him “useless.”

She told witnesses at the scene that her son had run away from home many times before because he didn’t want to work. Fed-up with the behavior, the mother finally decided to teach him a lesson by chaining him up and forcing him to walk around in public—humiliating him.

Neither the mother nor her son have been identified by name.