WATCH: Mother Sings to Her Precious Dying Girl & Reminds Us of What’s Really Important

Having a child with cancer is a horrible ordeal for anyone to experience. It can be difficult to keep a positive mindset, especially after years of constant struggle.

The YouTube video above reveals mother, Darlene Lourenco singing a song she wrote entitled “So Strong” dedicated to her daughter, Lindsey who was dying of Leukemia.

According to the description written by the father, Lindsey, 18, had been battling the disease for almost six years.

He states, “I truly believe that even though Lindsey is in a coma, she can hear her mother singing and feel the love all around her. I can’t help but think that even in the most difficult and painful time of our lives, there are moments of beauty and powerful, unconditional love.”

Lindsey passed away on March 14, 2013 surrounded by loved ones.