WATCH: ‘Mutant Octopus’ with 100 Arms Will Give You Nightmares

When we think of the deep dark sea, we imagine some pretty scary creatures lurking around down there.

But nothing we’ve ever imagined has ever come close to this terribly terrifying catch that a deep sea fisherman made recently.

Ong Han Boon caught the surprising find off the coast of Singapore of what appears to be a mutant octopus, although no one is yet sure exactly what it is.

The creature is being described as “a cross between a starfish and an octopus, with about 100 thin, tentacle-like arms that can move independently of one another.”

Like we said: terribly terrifying.

The fisherman believes the animal’s look may be a result of the high levels of pollutions in the water. Others have pointed out it’s likely a basket star, a relative of the starfish.

Check out the freaky creature in the video above, if you think you have the stomach for it.