WATCH: New Trailer for Les Misérables Reveals More Songs

Musical theater fans rejoice!

A new U.K. trailer for Les Misérables has hit the net and it features more than just the striking performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” heartbreakingly belted by Anne Hathaway in the first official trailer. Why call it a performance? In a new extended sneak peak, the actress revealed the songs sung in the movie were recorded while filming, instead of in a studio months prior.

The movie stars, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfriend and Eddie Redmaye sang the musical’s famous songs live (Yes, Wolverine sings). The trailer is definitely comfortable revealing clips from most of the dramatic and stunning songs in the movie.

The film adaptation of the original book and musical, directed by Tom Hooper of The King’s Speech, is due out in theaters on December 25th this year.

Watch the trailer for the movie adaptation and let us know what you think of Crowe and Jackman performing “One Day More.”