WATCH: Newborn Baby Found in Manger of Church Nativity Scene

A newborn baby was reported to be in stable, good condition at a local hospital after the infant was discovered abandoned at a New York church. The child, believed to be just four or five hours old, was found placed in the manger of the church’s nativity scene.

According to reports, the baby was found by a custodian who was returning from a lunch break.

He heard the cries of the child, and made the unexpected discovery. The baby boy was wrapped in a towel, and ABC News reported that his umbilical cord was still attached.

Police are investigating the anonymous drop-off, and are using church surveillance to try to determine the identity of the child’s mother.

In accordance with New York’s Safe Haven Law, an adult with legal custody of an infant can drop the baby off at a hospital, church, police or fire station and face no legal consequences. However, the child is not supposed to be left unattended.

Get the full report in the video above.