WATCH: NFL Fan Table – Week 1

This is a case where we’re playing things out of order. Forgive us, but it will all make sense in a second.

Last week we stumbled on this super fun web series called NFL Fan Table, which features LA comic Amy Witry and is produced by In the show, Amy comments on the latest happenings in the NFL– from the amazing to the ridiculous– and since it’s fun for both fans and normal folks alike, we posted the first video we found. Turns out, that vid was for Week 3.

Over the weekend, our article got a lot of hits, so we realized we should probably find the first two weeks, which we did, and which we’ll post today and tomorrow. You’re welcome.

In Week 1’s episode she teams up with cute straight man Ethan Havenar to talk shop. Enjoy the fun.

NFL Fan Table Week 1
NFL Fan Table Week 2
NFL Fan Table Week 3
NFL Fan Table Week 4