WATCH: NFL Fan Table – Week 2

NFL Fan Table is a web series starring Los Angeles-based comic Amy Witry.

Amy loves the NFL.  She has season tickets to the New Orleans Saints and a blind cat named Lille. She also has some pretty fan bouncin’ and behavin’ hair. Her on-again / off-again co-host is Ethan Havenar. Ethan follows all sports except the WNBA.  (We’re told it’s not because he’s a hater, he’s just busy. We’re also told  he has a vertical leap that defies his ethnicity.) Ethan’s favorite teams are the Cowboys, Lakers and St. Louis Cardinals.

Week 2 of the series from super fun site covers some old news, but that’s not important. Heck, even if you’re not an NFL fan it doesn’t matter, ’cause these two are pretty dang funny no matter what they’re talking about. Check it out! (And we promise to have new episodes from SugarBang soon so that we can stop recycling old material.)

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