WATCH: NFL Fan Table Week 3

This is Amy Witry. Couple things you need to know about her.

  • She loves the NFL.
  • She has season tickets to the New Orleans Saints games
  • She has a blind cat named Lille (Who recently clawed Amy right under her eye– ouch! #LivingTheDream).

Amy is also super funny and performs stand up comedy nationally– though she’s primarily based out of Los Angeles and can be found performing at numerous LA hotspots throughout the week. With NFL Fan Table, Amy brings together her comedic talents with her passion for pigskin and delivers these short commentaries on the past week’s news games. Quirky and fun, they will have football fans laughing along, while helping non-sports fans score a couple easy talking points and jokes they can use during parties. You know, so that they at least look like they understand the sport.

The episodes premiere on