WATCH: NY Police Officer Saves Man from Burning Car

New York state police officer John A. Vescio was off-duty, refueling at a Mobil station, when it happened.

As the surveillance camera shows, an out-of-control vehicle sailed out of the blue, and plowed straight into the pump he was using, bursting into flames on impact.

Although Vescio ran away from the blooming flames at first, it wasn’t long before he realized that the driver was in distress and unable to escape the car on his own. He ran back to save the driver from the flames that soon engulfed both cars. He was injured by a gas pump that fell on top of him.

The elderly man driving the crashed car, it turns out, was suffering from a fit of diabetic shock, but Vescio, a NY state senior investigator, managed to drag him away from the flames along. He even grabbed a first aid kit from his trunk to help treat the man.

Thanks to his bravery, both of them survived the fiery incident. He even stuck around to warn other spectators to keep back from his car, as there was live ammunition in the trunk.

Watch the video above for the footage from the station and more information on the heroic officer’s deeds.