WATCH: One Man’s Incredible Yet Horrifying Story of How He Survived the Paris ISIS Massacre

Denys Plaud was in the Bataclan concert hall on Friday night when gun shots began to be fired and the ISIS massacre in Paris began. As people started to scream in pure terror Plaud ran towards a nearby staircase where he hid inside a small room with about 15 other strangers.

While he and the others may have not known what was happening outside the confinement of their little closet they did know that they had to protect themselves – so they pushed a refrigerator in front of the door to hopefully prevent anyone from coming in.

In an interview with NBC News, Plaud told reporter Lester Holt that it felt like he was in that closet for hours but as he says above “it felt like forever. “ Once the police were able to get into the Bataclan they instructed Plaud and the group of people he was hiding with to walk out in a single file line and to only look ahead. However, the horrifying situation around him showed the pure reality of what had exactly happened during those three hours.

To Denys Plaud it was  “an unimaginable massacre” that he was lucky to survive.