WATCH: Paramedic Vogues to Rihanna While Driving

For Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), no day on the job is ever ordinary. There’s really no such thing as routine.

Just ask New Jersey EMT Jonathan Williams.

Williams recently became an Internet sensation after a video was posted to YouTube of him dancing to Rihanna while driving an ambulance with his hands off the wheel.

Since being posted on May 6, the video has garnered more than one million views, but it also managed to land the EMT in some hot water.

Despite being on his way home when the clip of him getting down to a remix of Rihanna’s song “Pour It Up” was captured, and his admission that he’d never dance like that with a patient on board, Williams was reprimanded by his employer.

Every day, EMTs receive dispatches to race to the scene of an accident to help someone in need. But, sometimes, they also catch the attention of international superstars like Rihanna, who actually tweeted out a link of the video to her 35 million followers.

Rihanna tweet to EMT

When Williams was asked about his reaction to Rihanna’s Twitter shout-out, he replied that he was “utterly flabbergasted.”

You can watch the entire video below.