WATCH: Patrick Stewart Loses It While Wearing a Dancing, Singing Santa Hat

The viral video for this week comes courtesy of Professor Xavier himself (or Captain Picard if you’re an older reader) — Patrick Stewart.

The X-Men Star Trek actor’s wife, Sunny Ozell, posted this video to YouTube, and it’s been beamed all over the internet since that time.

The 37-second video features the honored British actor — who was knighted by the Queen of England in 2010 — wearing a silly Christmas hat that sings “We Are Santa’s Elves”, dances, and lights up. As the hat begins its craziness, watch Stewart’s face go through a range of emotions — including one which looks like playful anger that his wife got him to laugh at the silly hat — and you’ll have a tough time not smiling yourself.

Stewart was obviously pleased with what’s being called the “Patrick Stewart Christmas Video” because he tweeted it out to his 1.6 million followers with a “Merry Christmas” wish. So far, the clip has had over 600,000 people enjoy bit.