WATCH: Petite Dental Hygienist Takes Down 800-Pound Alligator in Texas

Christy Kroboth is a petite dental hygienist who also happens to have a license from the Texas department of Parks and Wildlife that allows her to capture alligators.

At first glance, it seemed like Kroboth may have met her match when she was called to the scene to take down and capture a gigantic 800-pound, 12-foot alligator in a parking lot. Kroboth proves that looks can be deceiving.

She may look small, but it turns out Kroboth wrangles gators all the time.

“It’s mostly guys out there and they’re like ‘Texas Parks and Wildlife sent you? They sent a girl?’ and then I’m like ‘Yesssss.’ They kind of doubt me at first until I really get them taped and ready to go,” Kroboth told KTRK.

Kroboth works as a dental hygienist, and said when she got the call early that morning she figured she could make it a quick stop before heading on to her day job.

See what happens in the video above.