WATCH: Pink’s New Song ‘Try’

In her new breathtaking video, pop rebel Pink showcases passionate, lustful, and physically demanding choreography while stripped down to lingerie with a shirtless, sexy costar, Colt Prattes. Pink has always pushed herself, the pop genre and us to the edge, but this time it’s literal.

The steaming video is set in a desert where Prattes and the 33 year-old artist dance in a violent embrace inspired by the “Apache Dance.” The couple exchange slow romantic swaying with thrusts and choke-holds throughout the song.

Pink pushes herself and her costar with some challenging, beautiful, yet extremely meaningful choreography in sync with the rock song’s lyrics about a relationship taken to the edge and back.

The four minute video directed by Floria Sigismondi, and choreographed by the Golden Boyz, for the single Try” was released from Pink’s sixth studio album The Truth About Love out now.

Aside from being bold and beautiful art, the video seems to have also drawn attention to a handsome costar we have not seen much of yet—Colt Prattes.

Who is he? You can find the shirtless costar on Broadway in West Side Story and How to Succeed in Business. You may even catch him in the movie adaptation of E.L.  Jame’s novel, Fifty Shades of Gray.

But first, check him out in Pink’s new video above, and let us know what you think!