WATCH: Police Investigate Viral Video of Toddler Smoking a Joint

A fake meme of a toddler smoking weed may be funny, but a real child smoking and inhaling marijuana smoke is not.

Ever since this video began making its rounds on the Internet, Chicago police have been trying to figure out who the child is, but more importantly, they want to find out who the man prompting the child to get high is. Unfortunately, the clip ends without ever showing the man’s face.

In the video you see a young in diapers taking two hits off what appears to be a joint or a blunt. The man whose voice you hear is prompting the boy to smoke.

“Smoke, bro,” the man says. “Inhale it.

“Do this” he says, before showing the boy how to inhale. That’s when you see the child nearly burn himself.

“Let me hit that,” the man says, before the video ends.

Investigators are trying to figure out where the footage was filmed, a Chicago police spokesman said. Hopefully that will bring them closer to finding the man responsible for giving a baby drugs.