WATCH: Terrified Pregnant Woman Rescued from Window Ledge During ISIS Attack

Someone captured a pregnant woman hanging onto a window ledge to escape the bloodshed below. You can see her in this dramatic video hanging from a window outside the Bataclan Concert Hall in Paris, where violence erupted inside the venue.

You can see people running out of the venue’s back door, leaving a trail of blood as they drag their dying friends out of the building.

Terrified, the woman dangling from the window screams for help and shouts ‘help, help, I’m pregnant’ as people rush out of the theatre past the dead bodies outside the exit.

The woman’s dramatic escape came after four masked militants armed with AK-47s attacked a concert at the Bataclan theatre and went on to slaughter more than 80 people. They detonated their suicide vests as police tried to raid the theatre.

The woman held onto a ledge for two minutes as chaos carried on below her. Finally, a man came to her aid but as the video panned away we can only assume he was able to pull her inside to safety.

Videos like this make us see how even the most vulnerable were targeted by the terrorists. It’s doubtful they would have spared the life of a woman and her unborn child.